Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete Crack Repair and Brickwork Repair in Sydney

Has a concrete wall or floor in your home developed a significant crack? Has a brick and mortar wall become cracked or damaged? While cracks can arise from a range of reasons, they may indicate a more serious problem with your home’s foundations.

When the earth underneath a building’s foundations becomes too wet or too dry due to leaks or ineffective drainage, the ground can swell or contract and cause damage to the foundations. When this occurs, enormous pressure can crack walls and even split heavy concrete slabs and brick walls.

Mark the owner has five generations of building knowledge bred into him and has vast knowledge of all Sydney and it’s outskirts. With many years of experience, he has developed a drilling system which is exclusive to Surefoot and a unique approach to efficiently and effectively strengthen your home’s foundations through a variety of techniques including:

  • Mass concrete underpinning, deepening and strengthening your foundations
  • Beam and base underpinning, spreading the load of your building across your existing foundations
  • Mini-pile underpinning
  • Soil strengthening.

Unlike some of our competitors, we specialise in creating customised solutions to suit your home’s unique situation at a fixed price. What this means for you is a guaranteed result for a price much lower than you first may have thought and without any unexpected costs.

For a free fixed price quote on a complete foundation repair and/or house underpinning solution call Surefoot Underpinning Specialist today.

From Brickwork Repair to Bouncing Floors: A Range of Foundation Repair Solutions

A compromised foundation can manifest itself in a range of ways, from cracked concrete and brickwork walls to bouncing floors.

Learn more about the specific problems that damaged foundations can cause to your home – and how Surefoot Underpinning Specialist can help!

  1. Jacking and re-levelling of internal floors
  2. Extra piers (brick) where needed
  3. Replacing of brick piers (we do not replace piers with galvanised piers, they are quick and easy but will not last the same as concrete and bricks)
  4. Drilled underpinning piers to any part of your dwelling
  5. Jacking of concrete foundations
  6. Repairing of paving and concrete surfaces where underpinning has taken place
  7. Brick replace
  8. Cutting of expansion joints
  9. Digging of under houses and placement of steel piers

Call Us For Your Brickwork to Bouncing Floors Repair Needs

Foundation repairs and/or House Underpinning needs should not be ignored as it can lead to costly damage to your home in the future. Thankfully,  Surefoot Underpinning Specialist is able to provide an answer for all of your home’s foundation problems.

For a free fixed price quote on a complete foundation repair and/or house underpinning solution call Surefoot Underpinning Specialist today.